PSYCHOTHERAPY for children, teens, and adults

We often think of childhood as a magical time of play, new learning, and enormous growth. But sometimes kids need some extra help getting back to the magic. Creative arts therapy can provide a new language to help them process anger and depression, communicate with others, and learn to focus whenever frustrated.

It’s tough being a teenager. Navigating a new world of growing friendships, school, peer pressure and bullying can leave your teen feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed. Creative arts therapy can help them learn to establish healthy boundaries and understand their feelings while engaging in a creative process.

The art making process is a direct line into the unconscious, and can be a powerful way to understand yourself on a deep level. The feelings we have are often wordless and timeless—expressing them through art, and understanding how they directly impact your life today is a profound experience.


Technology has an ever-evolving place in creative arts therapy with the use of iPad drawing apps and software programs. While in session the ability to create imagery at a faster pace with multiple undos can be of valuable along side a licensed clinician.


Creative Therapies serves its clients humanistically with a person-centered approach helping reach individual emotional potential while exploring unconscious content. Just like in traditional psychotherapy, verbalization serves as a primary processing tool to use.





Hi, I’m Jon. I’m a published author, licensed psychotherapist and board-certified creative arts therapist. We all have a remarkable capacity for self-healing and personal growth through a creative means, and my primary goal as a therapist is to facilitate that growing process. I have written extensively on the subject of innovative digital art therapy techniques including iPad integration and green screen video. Additional practice information is available at PsychologyToday and session rates are available after a free phone consultation prior to booking, scheduling availability can be found online at ZocDoc.

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Hello. I’m a licensed psychotherapist and board-certified creative arts therapist. I help individuals and couples uncover their true passions and purpose through movement. Working together, we'll overcome feelings of anxiety, depression, and self-doubt. Learn how to stop apologizing for who you are, and finally come into your full creative potential. Additional session information is available at PsychologyToday.