I work with people like you,

who seem to have it all together on the outside, but inside they’re suffering. Sure, you might have the great job you thought you’d love, the promotion you busted ass for, or the apartment you dreamed of—but something still feels missing. Sometimes this missing piece is easy to locate, and sometimes it’s buried, waiting to be uncovered. Either way, something has to change.

I view my role as your psychotherapist as your co-collaborator in your personal excavation. I believe that the most important element for a successful therapy experience is the bond of our therapeutic relationship. Here is my contract for you:  I will sit with you. I will fully listen, to all the things you are saying, and look out for what you might not be mentioning. I will offer direct, kind feedback for whatever you are bringing into the room with you that day, and I will welcome the fullness of you as a person, even if that person remains to be truly discovered. Actually, especially if that person remains to be truly discovered.  (more)