I'm Jon Ehinger. You're looking for a therapist who gets it, and I understand that. I have a really varied career history: sponsored skateboarder turned fine artist turned videographer turned therapist. I’ve worked in a variety of corporate settings (CNN, Disney, Williams-Sonoma) and some not so corporate places (Thrasher Magazine, Independent Trucks and SLAP). As a therapist, my training has been in a variety of settings including the psychiatric wards of Rikers Island, Woodhull and Kings County Hospitals, but my heart is in my private practice, working with people like you. I’m a seasoned researcher, adjunct professor and author, but none of that makes me a great therapist.


What makes me a great therapist is that I care about you. I see you as exactly who you are, right now, and together we’ll get you to where you want to be.  (more)